New-to-Industry Loan Officer Hub

Get helpful tips and info to get up to speed on the softer skills of being a loan officer.

Grasp Your Company’s Basics

Find out the importance of knowing your company’s products, goals, leadership, and more.

New to Industry Loan Officer Series

Know Your Products and Positioning

Build up the tools to describe your company’s products in your own words.

Nail Your Elevator Pitch

Put what you learned to use to develop an elevator pitch that’ll explain what you do and why someone should work with you.

Tracking the Mortgage Market

Subscribe to these sites to effectively track what’s going on in the mortgage industry.

Discussing Rate with Your Customers

Learn how mortgage interest rates are set and how to talk to your customers about them.

New to Industry Loan Officer Series

Setting SMART Goals and Strategies

Get useful tips on setting SMART goals and tying them to your overall strategies and tactics.

More of a webinar person?

Check out the recordings of the New-to-Industry Loan Officer Series on our website.

How to Find Customers

Let’s build a web of influence to help you find a wide array of customers.

Mortgage Application Overview

Includes a helpful table breaking down each section.

How to Get Referrals

Easy-to-follow advice for getting more referrals.

New to Industry Loan Officer Series

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