Distributing and Repurposing Loan Officer Marketing Messages

You’ve created a bunch of marketing messages as part of your personal LO marketing plan….now what? There are plenty of types of marketing content you can create to attract and engage leads, but you need an effective way to distribute it.

As part of that distribution process, you might be thinking you have to create a whole new message for each channel. We want to turn that idea on its head and teach you how to repurpose what you’ve made to fit other distribution channels both on and offline.

In this post, we’ll cover the topics of getting your marketing messages out there, what types of messages work well for each channel, and how you can repurpose what you’ve created for offline use.

Distributing Your Marketing Messages

The great news about getting your marketing messages out there is there’s really no wrong answer. You can try multiple combinations of channel and type of message to see what works best for your audience.

Social Media

Before diving into social media, do a bit of research on which platforms your target customers use. If your bread and butter is first-time homebuyers, you’ll want to spend more time on platforms they spend their time on like Instagram.

On social media, you can share a wide range of messages and types of content from text to images to video. For example, you can share events that you’re attending or hosting, industry articles or blog posts you’ve written, and borrower resources like calculators and checklists for homebuying.

In general, short, punchy messages that grab attention are best for social media.

Something to remember about social media is it should be a conversation, not a broadcast. When people comment on your posts, engage them in conversation. You can also get more conversational by creating content like videos or resources with one of your network partners like a real estate agent or appraiser.


Depending on your company’s policy on advertising, you may have opportunities to place ads on and offline. As with social media, short, attention-grabbing messaging will serve you best whether you’re working with a digital or print ad.

Ads also have a bit of flexibility to them. You can go with a traditional advertisement that states who you are, what types of products you specialize in, and your contact information. Another way to go can be to direct people to resources you or your company host on your business’ website. For example, if you’ve created an awesome infographic that walks borrowers through the mortgage process, direct the ad to that resource which will then help build your reputation as a helpful resource.


Given the nature of emails, you have a few more words to work with. That doesn’t mean you want to write a long email, though.

Depending on your business, you might have access to an email automation platform which allows you to set up follow-up messages triggered by certain lead actions. For example, if you have a mortgage calculator on your business’ website that captures lead information, you could set up a triggered email to go out 3 days after that loan calculation. That email could ask what else you could help the lead with or provide a helpful resource.

Some other things you can do to optimize your emails is to include your social media channels in your email signature. Also, if you contribute to your company’s blog or have one of your own, include a link to that, too.

Repurposing What You Have

We’ve discussed the idea of creating larger pieces of content to break up into smaller chunks. It requires a bit more thought on the front end but can save you time when you’re looking for something to say. For example, if you write a long blog post about what types of documents borrowers need to apply for a mortgage, you can publish that post then copy and paste tips from the blog post into social media posts.

The useful part of this concept is you don’t have to stick to just digital usage. You can split up and repurpose what you’ve created for videos, blog posts, and other marketing messaging for offline activities such as open houses and presentations.

Let’s take the example of the open house. See if you can tag along with one of your real estate agent partners to an open house they’re hosting to answer borrower questions. You should come armed with business cards and at least one flier that has valuable information to a borrower such as a mortgage checklist. Having those takeaway materials and answering questions in the moment creates a better impression with leads.

Market Smarter, Not Harder

Marketing yourself as a loan officer does not need to eat up a huge chunk of your time. By evaluating which channels your target leads are most responsive to, you can better focus your efforts and the types of messages you create.

Further, by repurposing your digital marketing efforts for things you do offline like presentations, you can save even more time.

Looking for more ways to get smart on your personal marketing plan? Download our eBook, 4 Steps to Successful Marketing for Loan Officers.

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