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QA Trends: A Discussion on Primary Residence Conversions

In recent years, the mortgage industry has seen a rise in occupancy misrepresentation. It can be difficult to identify this type of misrepresentation during the origination process. However, with the increasing frequency, it’s important for all industry participants to be aware of common red flags and steps that can be taken to help decrease the […]

Ask an RU: An Exploration of Home Loan Assumptions

When a borrower pursues the homebuying process, they may come across the opportunity to assume another borrower’s home loan. But how do you approach these assumptions during the underwriting process? Our very own Robert Grolemund, Regional Underwriter, explains what an assumption is, why it may be an option for borrowers, and what Enact requires for […]

6 Tips for First Pass Approval When Submitting a Non-Delegated MI Application

Underwriting non-delegated loans requires a lot of diligence and consideration to ensure a successful first pass approval. When you submit a MI application with us or your integration, we have resources to help you get your non-delegated loan submission approved the first time. We understand how important it is to be effective and efficient, saving […]