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Reflecting on the Past and Looking to the Future with National Homeownership Month

June is National Homeownership Month, a time to celebrate the benefits that homeownership brings to families, neighborhoods, and communities across America. What is National Homeownership Month? National Homeownership Month has gone through many iterations to get to where it is today. 1920’s: The concept for celebrating homeownership begins as a week-long celebration thanks to local realtor associations […]

QA Trends: MI Decision Tips to Improve Quality and Help Prevent Fraud

Whether you’re the fastest or the most thorough, we’re all human… and mistakes can be made. That said, we’ve noticed some trending errors that may have surfaced from the challenging market many of us in the industry are facing. Eligibility requirements are more difficult to meet, and a smaller market might be impacting motivation for […]

Explore our Latest LO eBook: Determine Your Value Prop and Choose Your Marketing Tactics

[This 3-part series explores the 6 Steps to Creating a Successful Borrower Pipeline, Enact’s latest LO eBook. In today’s blog post, we’re detailing what you can do to determine and leverage your value prop using marketing tactics we’ve outlined below. Want the full eBook and to get a competitive edge in today’s market? Download the […]