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Get videos, webinars, and blog posts to help you transition to working and selling remotely.

Work from Home Tips

Whether you’re brand spanking new to working from home or a seasoned WFH pro, there are some great tips here for everyone!

Getting Started on Working Remotely

Quick tips from Mary Kay Scully on how to transition to working from home.

9 Tips to Setting Up Your Home Office

Nine tips from That MI Guy, Steve Richman, on getting your home office set up.

Learning How to Sell Virtually

How do you sell virtually? That MI GuySM, Steve Richman, has some awesome tips and tools you can use to stay in front of your borrowers.

9 Sales Tips for When You Can’t Meet Face to Face

You and many of your customers are working virtually now, so your sales tactics need to change. That MI Guy is here to walk you through 9 sales tips to help you effectively sell from home.

Webinar: 9 Apps and Sites You Need to Know

Watch That MI Guy present his top 9 apps and websites to know not only for the current environment but for better selling in general.

Psstttttt….there are some bonus ones here

9 Habits to Keep Once COVID-19 Goes Away

We’ve all had to learn new things in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic like how to work video chat and how to best sell to customers from afar. But there are many skills and habits to embrace and keep once COVID goes away that will make us better mortgage originators. Join Steve Richman, Genworth’s That MI Guy, as he covers nine habits he thinks we should all embrace today.

Make Social Part of Your Selling Strategy

Get more information on how to build your social media presence, plan and create content, and make it all manageable.

Enact MI Blog
Enact MI Blog

Bolster Those Soft Skills

Soft skills are equally as important when working from home as they are in the office.

Time Management

Too many originators are busy with actions, but not taking impactful steps to achieve their goals. This session focuses on ways to master control and time management strategies for your day.

Networking Superstar

Networking – we often think of small talk with strangers at large events, and handing out business cards to everyone. But that isn’t really what networking is. Join us and we’ll share with you the strategies for networking that truly pay off.

Working Virtually

How to be productive, efficient and valued. In this session you’ll learn tools, tips, and best practices when working remotely as an employee or manager.