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Back to Basics: Understanding Mortgage Technology Connectivity

From automation to artificial intelligence, nearly every industry is being touched by technological advances, including the mortgage industry. And for mortgage and real estate professionals who choose to see mortgage technology as an opportunity, efficiency and productivity are within their grasp. Mortgage technology is making the industry more efficient. It’s also helped real estate agents […]

Back to Basics: What is Mortgage Insurance?

When many of us first entered the mortgage industry, we eventually had the same question, “what is mortgage insurance?” If we all asked that question, you’d better believe that your borrowers will ask the same thing. To answer this question, let’s start by defining what mortgage insurance is not. Mortgage Insurance Is Not…. We’re willing […]

What Makes You Different?

You are ready to buy a home.  You’re not rich.  You know you are going to need a mortgage. So you do what anyone would do – you Google “mortgage lender”.  Google returns 31,000,000 results.  Yes, 31 million. Every one of those 31 million is fighting to get your business. Unfortunately, they are all saying […]

Communicating With The Appraiser: Top 10 Guide For Getting Answers About a Home Appraisal And Staying Compliant

The home appraisal has been requested … and the waiting begins. As a lender, many questions race through your mind: “Will the property condition be acceptable? Will repairs be needed? Will the appraiser give credit for all the upgrades in the home? Is the appraiser familiar with the neighborhood? Will the appraiser use good comparables? […]